ANALOG MM BA Mexican Chocolate

Imperial Stout

25,0 RON

Cantitate : 330 ml

One Imperial Stout, multiple universes, similar and, yet, different outcomes every time. Reality is plural, impressions abound, with each universe another possibility.

MEXICAN CHOCOLATE Maker’s Mark Barrel Aged – like building a paper card castle, we are adding even more layers to this imperial stout. What if becomes the age old question when choosing one path or another. How about we play on this what if and have at least a couple of options on the table?

Added cocoa nibs, coffee nibs, pasilla chiles, Ceylon cinnamon and vanilla layered onto the bourbon notes are exotic and warming, tickling the sense and delighting the imagination.


  • alcool

    11.5 %
  • Plato

    EP 27
  • Fabricat in Cluj Napoca

    Stoc epuizat