Imperial Stout

17,0 RON

Quantity : 330 ml

This Imperial Stout series, the Winter Lights, our first in the new brewery, is meant to celebrate the big around us, the sublime which makes all our worries seem insignificant compared to the nature around us. The compass shows you the way, but it’s ultimately you that makes the choice.

This version brings the base Imperial Stout a spicy pinch with White and Pink peppercorns, ginger, Ceylon cinnamon, vanilla beans

MALTS: Chocolate Barley, Chocolate Rye, Chocolate Wheat, Oat flakes

Delicate pepperish spiciness, soft warmth and sweet vanilla tints covered in dark chocolate.

PAIR WITH: your favorite biscuits or salted nuts

  • ABV

  • Plato

    EP 24
  • Made in Cluj Napoca

    In stoc